Reviews on a Blog That’s Like Mine!

The blog I reviewed is called “It’s My Life”. If you need the URL then here it is… It’s My Life! I really recommend checking this blog out.

To summarize what the blog is about (if you haven’t checked it out yet) is the blog is about this person’s life. I think she posts random things like what we are doing. All of her posts are worth checking out! The author’s name is Jessica. She mostly posts things about her and her life so if you would like to get to know her better I suggest checking out her blog. I thought her blog was super cool and kinda fun. I could tell she loves to write. And just from reading her posts I could tell she was super funny person, who loves her family and friends.

Two things I really liked about Jessica’s blog are… I loved how she posted a 100 facts about me! I thought that was a great idea of how to get to know her. And I loved how she posted a “My Life In A Few Short Paragraphs. Ha. As If!” I thought that was also a great idea and as I kept reading I figured out she is a super funny person!

One thing I didn’t really like about Jessica’s blog was how she posted things about her kids and family. I thought that was weird because there are creeping people out there and I wouldn’t want them to know about my family. Anyway that is my opinion and it’s fine if Jessica or anyone else has a different one.

I really liked her post called “100 facts” I think it really sets the mood for her blog especially because her blog is all about her! Jessica seems like a super fun person and I love reading her blog so you should go check it out sometime!!!


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