Picture Story


Chloe decided to skip class so she is looking out for Mr. Brown

IMG_0216   Mr. Brown is looking for Chloe

IMG_0210   Chloe is getting really bored

IMG_0218   So now she is trying to leave the school by high-jacking a car

IMG_0223   Chloe has now decided to skip school

This story is going to be about my good friend Chloe. As every story starts… One day during school in Mr. Brown’s class. Chloe decided to skip class (which is not a good idea kids!). Mr.Brown was not happy about that. As any teacher would be. So he went went outside of his classroom to look for her. As Chloe was looking out for Mr. Brown she started to get really bored. Chloe is now trying to high-jack a car and leave the school. But, as everyone was thinking, she didn’t have the keys so she couldn’t get into the car or even start it (duh). So Chloe being as bored as she is, was looking for something to do when it hit her! Literally! A ball came at Chloe’s head but she ducked (thankfully). So that’s when Chloe got up grabbed her backpack and as her quirky self skipped down street with a huge bruise on her forehead! And that is the story of my very good friend with brown hair, brown eyes, her pink shirt with grey pants for gym on. And her experience of skipping classes!


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