Soundtrack To My Life

This is the sound tract to my life! I will be listing things that shaped me as a person and also has a song attached to it!

It all started with school. School is a huge part of me. I will be in school for 12 years of my life so I would hope that is a big part of me! School has helped me in so many ways. The most obvious way is school has taught me many things I’ am at school to learn so that is a given. School is not my favorite place in the world but it has helped me so much. My dad says there are two parts to school the social part and the academic part. And he is right! School has helped and shaped me to talk to new people. The song I choose for this is called Schools out for summer sang by Alice Cooper.

My favorite thing to do in the summer or on vacation is to go to this house in Sun River. We have gone there for so many years it’s hard to keep tract. I love this house it is my favorite vacation spot I have so many memory’s there it’s crazy! This place has shaped me to become out going like going rock climbing, bike riding on mountains, and lots more! This place has also shaped me to talk to new people. In a restaurant here it was my first time ordering for my self. This might be my favorite place to stay but it is so much more! The song I choose for this is called Happy by Pharrel Williams.

I think the saddest time in my life was waking up one morning and my mom telling me that my grandma had just passed away last night. I don’t think I have ever been that sad in my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve never cried that much in my whole life. This experience helped me realize she was in a better place. But for the longest time I didn’t believe it. The song called fight song reminds me of that time and how you need to stay strong. This had a huge impact on me and my life because it was really the only death in my family that I have been old enough to remember. The song Fight Song is sang by Rachel Patten.

My friends are a huge part of me because I’m with them all of the time. They shape me as a person in so many ways! We have shared happy memories and sad memories. But anyways they have shaped me as a person to know what is cool and in style they have shaped me to go out of my comfort zone and in many more ways. If you read my first post then you would know that their names are Georgia, Callie, Sydney, Kacie, Jordan, and Chloe. I love my friends! The song cool kids remind me of them because we like to think of ourselves as cool. But mostly because we sing to this song all of the time! The song Cool Kids is sang by Echosmith.

One of my favorite memories is being a flower girl at my cousins wedding. This experience shaped me as a person to not be so shy. I am a very shy person I can barely go in front of the class to speak. This experience reminds me of the song burn because we danced to it at the wedding. I think this was an important thing in my life to do because it showed me love and I know that is a very weird topic but it did and I’m very happy I know what that looks like! The song Burn is sang by Ellie Golding.

My absolute favorite thing is to play sports! My favorite sport is basketball  our basketball team is a very competitive team. This has shaped me to be aggressive, to work hard, and how to work with and as a team. The song Cheerleader reminds my of our team its a very happy song that we actually practice to. Basketball is a huge part of  my life it has shaped me in so many ways I can’t count. The reasons I listed are only a tiny bit of how it has shaped as a person. The song Cheerleader is sang by OMI.

I think my parents have shaped as a person in so many ways. So many people are sassy to their parents but I am the queen of being sassy to my parents. I choose the song Tittle sang my Megan Trainer for this paragraph. Because she is sassy person so the song fits perfectly. My parents have shaped me as a person more than anybody or memory I know. They have taught me to be kind, generous, to not steal, to be a honest person, and they have shaped me to be so many other things. I love my parents more than anything in the world.

When I was going into the fourth grade I thought my life was over! We moved houses, to a different town not to far away though but still I thought my life was over. I choose the song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa. Because this song reminds me of that time in my life. This shaped me to be strong and how to make new friends. Even though this was a hard time in my life I wouldn’t change it for anything. The song See You Again helped me get through it and I now love the song.

Thank you for reading this post see you all next week!


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